When to buy more yoga clothes

Many yogis find that they quickly build up a large wardrobe of yoga clothes. You know it is pretty, comfortable, and stylish. You can for other occasions, and it just suits your life so well. However, that does not mean that you should never purchase another pair of yoga pants again. It is important that you regularly rotate through your yoga clothing, just like you would the rest of your wardrobe.

Worn Out Pieces

The most common reason to replace a piece of clothing is wear. As an article clothing is worn, used, and washed it will start to break down. The fabric will lose its elasticity, the colors will fade, and it can even have failures. Of course, higher quality products will have longer lifespans, even the top line yoga wear will eventually be too well used to work well.

When you start noticing the wear impacting usability, you should look to replace it. Yoga pants and bras are susceptible to sag once the fabric has been washed too many times. You will see that the support goes, then you know it is the time to go shopping. Another clear sign is tears, usually around the seams, although other fail points do exist. Please avoid wearing clothing that looks like rags; your style should be reflected in your choice of clothing even in more relaxed environments like yoga studios. Here are some interesting props by Christine Kobzeff, learn more about yoga apparel!

Out of Style

While most of the cuts common to yoga wear are timeless, occasionally you may pick up a piece that is trendy, until it isn’t. Do not feel you are stuck with yoga wear that does not fit your style, just because it is yoga wear. Like other types of clothing, yoga styles can go in and out of style regularly. In fact, the change in style that happens usually with the seasons is a great reason to upgrade your wardrobe. This lets you get rid of pieces that you just do not wear that much. Check out this video by Lilou Mace to see how she created her own line of yoga clothing!

They Don’t Match the Weather

You may find that your climate impacts the types of clothing you wear. This is true with yoga clothes as well. During the summer, short sleeves, light materials, and light colors will be popular. As summer turns to fall and eventually to winter, you will want to make sure your wardrobe is applicable. Some great pieces are only available commercially during specific times, so winter can be a great time to stock up on cute sweaters and thicker yoga pants.

In short, like any other type of clothes, the choice of when to invest more into your wardrobe is going to depend on you. Make sure that you are not wandering around in pieces that are better off being used to clean the house, and that the support you need is still provided. There is no need for guilt to make you hold on to pieces of clothing that just no longer are in style; patterns, colors, and cut can all come and go. Lastly, make sure your pieces suit your needs, which means buying with changing seasons to stay comfortable in your yoga wardrobe.

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