How Yoga Can Help You With Parenting

Becoming a parent is a new and exciting experience, and each child brings his/her own set of unique characteristics to the family dynamic. However, with every new addition to the family, our exercise regimen and self-routines seem to go to the wayside as we focus on adapting the new bundle of joy to the family. Parenting is often a stressful endeavor, and we need to be reminded that we need to take even a few moments out of our day to take care of ourselves. Yoga is always a great way to exercise and rejuvenate yourself, and while there’s no guarantee that it will help improve your parenting, it may help you feel more at ease, which might help your parenting. 

Yoga Journal has a great article about mindful parenting and how many couples have incorporated yoga into their lives with their children. Getting into any sort of routine can help make life a little less stressful, but this can feel impossible with kids sometimes. Having a flexible mindset about this routine is also incredibly important. If you usually practice yoga in the evenings and one night your child decides he/she needs to get up 5 times, that’s okay. Try sneaking in a couple of yoga poses before you go to bed. Or if that doesn’t seem to work, try bringing that mindful peace you have when practicing yoga, into your family life. Prepare your mind and body for parenting the way you do yoga. It is easy to be distracted by everything else, but when you’re playing with your kids, try to just focus on that task. You’ll find that they appreciate it and you will get more out of the experience as well. 

One person from this article said that even though it might sound silly, if you are doing laundry, just focus on doing that task. There is a peace that comes to a household when things are in their place. I notice in my own life; if I’m trying to clean or cook with the TV on, or even play with my daughter while the TV is on, it seems things only get half done. If I focus only on the specific task that I’m trying to do, I feel better, and things get done a lot faster. I’m not as distracted, so my patience with my child seems to go a lot further.

You can also parent through yoga. If you invite your child to practice yoga with you, he/she may experience many of the benefits you do when practicing, including learning to connect with people and developing confidence early in life. The whole purpose of yoga is to practice connection and self-appreciation, take a moment to look at that specific moment or day, and respecting yourself for what you’ve achieved at that moment. It’s a way to reset from the craziness of our lives. Your children will learn to appreciate their lives and build confidence in themselves and their abilities through yoga. Yoga can help you to teach your child the importance of being present and connecting to people.

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