How Music Can Benefit Your Yoga Practice

Is it sometimes difficult for you to think beyond purchasing the right pair of yoga leggings in order to deepen your practice? Distractions abound, even for the most experienced yogi. That is why many individuals are constantly searching for productive ways to move deeper into their practice daily. 

It should come as no surprise that music is one of the top ways that yogis are modifying their current practices. Music permeates every aspect of our society, ranging from the instrumental tones of classical music to the deep thrum of the bass in pop tunes. Yoga is a way for yogis to view the world around them, and so it makes sense to incorporate music into routine practice. 

There are many ways that yogis can start allowing music to benefit their overall yoga practice. How you choose to incorporate music into your routine will be a unique reflection of who you are as a person. Think through some of these popular ways to enhance a yoga practice with music to see what fits: 

Boost Your Practice With Upbeat Tunes

Music that is centered on fast-paced beats and rhythms can help you to move through rigorous practice. It’s more likely to keep you engaged and interested in moving your body. It is the primary reason why runners are so adamant about having a good playlist before they hit the pavement. 

In yoga, you may find yourself becoming distracted by the words of famous rock songs or pop tunes. Find some classical music that inspires you, chants that keep you focused on your intention or elementary tribal-sounding music. The wordless rhythms will be able to motivate you to maintain your pace without the distraction of lyrics. 

Opt For Soothing Sounds 

Are you in need of something to keep your anxiety in check? A soothing playlist filled with gentle sounds may help to slow your breathing and steady your heart rate. Classical versions of lullabies or soothing songs can help you not to get caught up in racing through your yoga practice. 

A slower song may help you to focus more on the practice at hand, but it won’t inspire you to keep up with rigorous training. Decide which of these two types of music is best suited for your practice. You may even have a playlist that features some of both, with upbeat tunes for the beginning of your sequence and slower ones for your final resting poses. 

White Noise Can Also Block Out Extraneous Sounds

It isn’t just music that can help to deepen your yoga practice. Listening to the soothing sounds of white noise, thunderstorms, or whale songs can also help you to block out unnecessary distractions. Play this type of music if you’re accustomed to practicing in a busy area that has lots of extraneous noise such as your downstairs apartment or a home next to a busy highway. 

There are several ways that music and sounds can deepen your overall practice and enhance your ability to focus while on your mat. Decide which methods will work best for you and start putting together a playlist today.

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